Becoming Fearless: The Story of the Samurai

“Let’s face it; all plans always work well on paper.”

There is always a chance that our best laid plans will fall short of expectation. In life, it’s inevitable that things won’t go our way. This reality can create reservations in individuals and impact how they set future goals.

In other words, facing the unknown evokes fear.

The Story of the Samurai symbolizes strength and boldness in a time of uncertainty. It represents an era of new technologies and the men who used them, equipped with fearlessness, to take on the unknown.

It highlights the importance of being fearless in any environment. A brave attitude will endure in a world of fast changes and developing technologies.

Becoming Fearless

Fear itself stems from uncertainty; it manifests itself in the many variables of life we do not know. If we let it, fear can threaten our skills, drag down our emotions, and becomes a roadblock to success. If fear is a daily hazard for you, it’s time to strengthen your spirit and kick-start your morale.

Strengthen your Spirit

The truth is, most Australians encounter fear and anxiety—even the most successful people in Australia and New Zealand. It is the people with strength of spirit who can bypass fear to become bold and adventurous. Success often means facing challenges and taking risks that others avoid.

Kick-start your Morale

Remember, you are smart and strong. You possess the ability to seek motivation and achieve balance. You can be successful. You can combat fear and anxiety by mastering skills, and being fluent in the details of your endeavor.

What Skills do you need to be Fearless?

A fearless person seeks situations that call for boldness, and in effect, challenge personal skills and character. Learning to live without fear doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a daily willingness to channel emotion, reshape perspective, and follow thought with preparation.

Channel Emotions

Living without fear calls for mental preparation. Negative emotions have the tendency to lead to stagnation. Because of this, it is important to replace a negative emotion with a positive one. Instead of worrying that your skills will not be adequate for a situation, reshape the emotion into one of excitement. Be excited to share your experiences, qualifications, and to present information.

Reshape your Perspective

If you let it, one negative experience can damage your emotional well-being. But, sometimes, what we believe are negative situations are actually opportunities to learn and grow our skills. Fearless people take a negative situation of rejection and choose to see it as a positive form of feedback.

Follow Through With Preparation

The more time you spend procrastinating, the harder it will be for you to act on your carefully laid plans. After all, if we don’t act we will never get what we want. Living without fear is about making a plan and following through with that plan regardless of barriers set by emotions. Shape a plan. Set a deadline. Follow through.

Throw Off the Things that Bind

We must control the feelings of anxiety that reoccur and throw off the negative emotions of uncertainty that disable us from moving towards success. At times, we simply need to be fearless.

Edmond Otis is a motivator, communicator, and coach. He draws on his career and life skills to come up with memorable conversation topics that speak to a variety of people throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. If you enjoyed his tips to becoming fearless, consider Edmond for your next speaking even or purposeful group gathering.

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