As a peak-performance coach, I’ve worked alongside some amazing people as they’ve changed their lives, achieved their goals, created more personal satisfaction, and/or greater professional success.

My approach to coaching is simple – and my focus specific. I work with individuals to help them recognize their strengths and their goals, so that together, we develop the skills, the strategies, and the discipline they will need to achieve their objectives.

The way I work is unique.  My skill set and worldview guide my process.

My training in psychology, work as a therapist, peak performance specialist, management consultant, and university senior lecturer, as well as my lifelong practice of traditional karate, have all shaped who I am and how I work with clients.

As a performance coach, I integrate cutting edge research, with a broad range of east-west, mind-body, conflict-cooperation, stress management response strategies; to create practical real-world solutions for complicated real-world challenges.

Also, I’m a lot funnier then I sound here.

“… success and happiness are ultimately decided by how well we handle the unexpected, the unwanted and the unpredictable."

Performance coaching usually comes down to one of these three focus areas:

Professional development

Professional challenges vary widely — from helping you sharpen your leadership skills and career management instincts within an organization, to helping you jump-start your entrepreneurial mind set. The goal, however, is always narrow and specific — develop the personal strengths, interpersonal savvy and unexpected strategies that will help you make a substantive impact and lead to real professional success.

Personal Development

Coaching for inner life and self – we focus on your overall sense of self, and the satisfaction you get from your profession, family, friends, and daily existence. For some, this means learning to balance life and work in a way that gives you the life you actually want. For others, it means generating the spark of genius and courage you need to take your life or attitude in a new direction.

Professional Peak Performance

Martial arts training prepares you for the moment of truth… “crunch time”.  In sports, business, the arts or life in general, this capacity - the subtle and valuable art of being able to do your best when you really need to be your best, is what separates pros from amateurs and winners from losers. In many ways, this ability lies at the heart of the martial arts, the world of business, and ultimately, the art of living a fulfilling life.


I coach most of my clients long distance.

Usually, we work together once a week at a pre-scheduled time. We talk by phone, Skype, Messenger etc.

Professional Development and Personal Development coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes in length, but I ask new clients to schedule 60 to 90 minutes for our first session. In addition to our regular sessions, you can call or e-mail me throughout the week for quick-touch brainstorming, strategizing, and to share sudden insights, unexpected frustrations and surprise victories.

Contact me to set up an initial phone meeting.

Some coaches call this a “free coaching consultation”, but really, we interview each other. During this meeting, I get a sense of your personal style, current situation, and overall goals.

In this initial session, I will help you start moving in the direction you want to go – now. You will get a sense of my personality and whether you feel I understand you well enough to help you in the way that you need.

I will e-mail or fax you a coaching assessment packet to fill out and return. This information is important and is the basis for our first few coaching sessions. It allows us to use our time effectively right from the beginning.

Please contact me with any questions, or to arrange an initial coaching appointment