The Mastery of Skill

“Seeing solutions is a necessity, because change is unavoidable.”

It’s common throughout Australia to hear, “Change is unavoidable.” Life is testament of this. It can feel like change is always present, in one way or another.

In fact, life can seem to be nothing more than a cycle of change. Do you feel like you’re often approaching a time of transition, living in the midst of change, or recovering from its ripple effects?

This may be why so many of us long for “seasons of stability.” But why do we only want one season? Is it possible to adopt a posture of stability, both emotionally and physically, in times of change?

I believe anyone can keep a steady stance in day-to-day life, even when change reigns. You can do this by honing your talents and becoming the master of your skills.

To succeed in this, one must focus on being positive, determine to master your skills, and adopt an attitude of mastery.

Focus on Being Positive

First, let me ask, how do you approach your morning routine?

Do you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way? Or is it hard to locate your inner “go-getter” at seven in the morning?

Morning is time for building momentum that will drive the day. Whether you wake up wanting to move at full speed, or need to taxi before take-off, choosing to build yourself up with positive thoughts is good.

It is especially important to think about your impending day with a positive perspective. Having a can-do attitude can stir your inner strength. Successful people throughout Australia know how to draw on this strength in the midst of stressful situations. They maintain a positive momentum that allows for balanced emotions through ups and downs.

When focusing on the positive, it is easier to work through difficult situations. This process directly affects your unique skills and coping techniques. With sharp focus, you will be able to use your skills to make the best of any situation.

Maintaining this momentum demands a positive outlook that indulges flexibility and can absorb the inevitable change.

Master Your Skills

Most of us wake up with spectacular intentions. Similarly, many of us beat ourselves up when intentions don’t turn into actions.

A master of skill is an individual who achieves emotional balance in the thick of a crisis and amid the ordinary. Such emotional balance comes from not letting stress, demands, and boredom get the best of you.

Masters craft and re-craft plans of action in a moment’s notice. They pursue their plans despite emotional well-being, and regardless of obstacles.

Traits of a Master

  • A master is willing to adopt emotional self-control. Life is not one long business deal. It does not have to be riddled with emotional stress. Instead, life is a journey of discovery; a journey that is best enjoyed with a desire to learn and grow.
  • A master is willing to tackle obstacles. A master sees a challenge as an opportunity to fine tune skills and hone technique. He welcomes a chance to weather a hardship and maintain emotional stability.
  • A master is willing to modify his or her goals. Masters use feedback and unexpected changes to reexamine their goals and plans of action. They welcome insight and are prepared to adapt whether they receive criticism or praise.
  • A master is willing to congratulate him or herself. Maintaining momentum means congratulating yourself for things you have accomplished and reaching for goals yet to be achieved.
  • A master is willing to keep learning. For an individual who has mastered the art of maintaining momentum, every situation is an opportunity to learn a new skill, or put into practice a specific technique.

You Possess the Skill

You can become fluent in your skills by focusing on positive thoughts and becoming the master of your success. Embrace life as a journey of discovery. In doing so, establish a balance that can generate positive energy in any situation.

Edmond Otis is a motivator, communicator, and coach. He draws on his career and life skills to come up with memorable conversation topics that speak to a variety of audiences throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. If you liked his discussion on the traits of a master, consider Edmond for your next speaking event or purposeful group gathering.

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