Motivational Speaker & Seminars

A Motivational Speaker with a Unique and Powerful Message

Edmond Otis is a New Zealand based interntaional Motivational Speaker

As a Motivational Speaker, Edmond’s talks, “Tiger’s Spirit” seminars and industry training events combine cutting edge research, modern psychology, personal experience, humor, common sense, and classic martial-art strategies to address our most difficult professional, personal and organizational challenges.

Edmond’s presentations and seminars are designed to entertain – but also to inspire creativity, solve problems, strengthen optimism, empower change and raise morale.

Edmond’s unique perspective on being focused, effective, decisive, persuasive – FEARLESS – gives audiences the tools they need to overcome any challenge and achieve any goal.

All presentations are unique and specifically tailored to the needs and goals of each particular audience. Edmond is a Motivational Speaker that makes great effort to individually customise his comments to the audience he is in front of  – for maximum impact and connection. The collaboration process that occurs prior to the actual presentation – is very important.

Edmond’s event, conference, speaking, and team building topics include, but are not limited to:

NEW! –  The Secret is Resilience
Survival Skills for 21st Century Movers and Shakers
Peak Performance  – “ZONE NOW”
You Must Be Your Best – To Do Your Best
First, You Need To Be Fearless!
Defending the Self
Thriving in the Face of Change, Crisis, and Conflict
What the Masters Know
Martial-Art Strategies to Revive the Spirit & Kickstart Forward Momentum 
Kick Start Forward Moment
The Beauty of the Beginner’s Mind
Personal Balance
The Leader’s Artful Way Of Being

All presentations are flexible as to audience size, format, and venue. We work within any time frame; 30-60 minute conference & meeting addresses; 1.5 to 2 hr. breakout sessions; half-day or full day seminar trainings, TEAM-BUILDING, and retreats.

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