The Keys to Success

“Controlling your emotions is crucial – because crisis is inevitable.”

What is the key to success?

This question often receives typical responses. Some people define success as a big house, high paying job, or new car. Others recognize success as doing what you love, enjoying the people around you, or discovering you are good at something new.

For many of us throughout Australia and New Zealand, the definition of success incorporates all of the ideas listed above. Such an extensive list can seem unattainable. The truth is, it’s not.

Real success depends on finding balance. It’s about understanding your personal skills and knowing what makes you happy. Real success is about using your natural and developed skills, and adopting a curious attitude that does not associate with emotions of fear or failure.

Emotions: Fear versus Happiness

Fear and failure are two negative forces that can distort our understanding of happiness. If we let it, fear has the power to make us hesitant. It can make us uncertain of our skills and unwilling to seek happiness in a situation.

Here are two thoughts that will reshape the way you understand happiness and fear:

  1. Fear makes us miss out on happiness. We cannot fear what may happen. Fear can cause us to miss a moment. It disables us from offering our skills and emotions to advance a situation.
  2. Happiness calls for relaxation. A happy person is one who embraces the ups and downs of life. Happiness is not about a perfect emotional state or the accumulation of things and skills. It is primarily about enjoying the journey of life.

Living in the Moment

Most people have a clear picture in their minds of what life will look like when they are emotionally content and successful in their skill set. Yet, a majority of these people have no clue how to get to this place of success. This is because they are unprepared to live in the moment and take advantage of every interaction.

An individual who lives in the moment sees every interaction as an opportunity to meet someone who will support their goals or emotional well-being. They see every situation as a chance to learn or refine a skill.

If this sounds intriguing consider implementing these four tips into your everyday life:

  1. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Know your skills and be familiar with your emotions. A successful person conquers fear by being genuine.
  2. Know what you want to say. A Successful person is prepared for every situation and interaction. He or she knows how to discuss their skills, and possesses emotional self-control.
  3. Value the time of others. Valuing other people’s skills and being considerate of their emotions can lead to successful interactions that will support your goals.
  4. Be prepared to be curious. A curious person is prepared to learn new skills in spite of their emotional well-being. Fear is overcome when there is an intentional drive to learn something new.

A Call to Australians – Find Balance – Find Success

Life is too short to waste time dreaming instead of doing. Vow to not miss any more opportunities because of fear. Opportunities breed success when we replace fear with a desire to learn. And as with everything, balance is the key to success.

Edmond Otis is a motivator, communicator, and coach. He draws on his career and life skills to come up with memorable conversation topics that speak to a variety of people. If you found his approach to achieving success interesting, consider Edmond for your next speaking event or purposeful group gathering.

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