What does it take to be successful?

Conquer your fear to find true success

Determining what it takes to be successful can be a challenge, in large part because of the varied opinions of what “success” really is.

How do you define success? Some folks in Australia look toward material objects as signs of success. The big house on the block; the luxury car; the job with the cushy paycheck. Others define success with a more intrinsic view – doing what you love, being content in your surroundings, or being able to do something that positively impacts others.

Success = a lack of fear

Whatever your personal definition of success is, it often comes down to battling fear. If you’re encumbered by your fear, you’ll never achieve the milestones and markers you’ve set out as your definitions of success. A person who lives in fear won’t get that high paying job, won’t take a chance and do what he loves, and has a hard time feeling content in the moment. Fear distorts our thinking and forces us to miss out in the moment and, as a result, our happiness.

In short, a person in fear cannot feel true success. On the other hand, a person who enjoys true happiness is able to live in the moment and view every interaction as a chance at pushing them closer to their idea of success.

So the question to ask is: how do we, in Australia, conquer our fears in order to achieve our personal success?


Close your eyes and picture what true happiness looks like for you. Chances are it takes you little effort to define in your mind’s eye what success and happiness mean. Now close your eyes and think of how you can get to this place …

If you’re like the vast majority of people out there, your mind draws a blank. We know what we want. We just don’t know how to get there. This is a direct result of our inability to live in the moment and seize the day for all of its potential. Rather than look at each interaction as an opportunity, we’re apt to look at them as challenges and obstacles preventing us from pursuing a path.

Little do we realize it’s all a part of the journey. People who have conquered their fear are able to harness the power of the unknown and use it to their advantage. Every situation in our lives is a chance to learn, grow, and refine our skills and character.

We all have the ability to live this way.

Tips to conquer your fear and live in the moment

How to conquer your fears

  1. Treat fear as a call to action – Fear is not something to be ashamed of. It’s a natural response our bodies have for myriad of reasons. But as highly function species, we have the ability to control our fears. We often have fear of what we can’t control. So, create an action plan that addresses the “what ifs.” And, when you complete this plan, put it aside, and move on. You did what you could to prepare for the unknown. Now rejoice in realizing what will be, will be. 

If, however, you fear something within your control (such as starting a business, jumping out of a plane, etc.), turn that fear into instant action. Start figuring out what it takes to start a business. Contact someone about parachute lessons. Take the little steps toward your desired direction, and watch the wind push you along.
  2. Know yourself. As mentioned before, we often fear the unknown. Little do we realize that the biggest unknown factor is ourselves. When we’re not sure of ourselves, how can we be sure of anyone, or anything else? Know your skills and shortcomings. Know what makes you thrive and cower. Be true and genuine, and you’ll realize there’s nothing to be fearful of.
  3. Turn the unknown into curiosity. What would happen if we knew everything? Life would get boring pretty quickly. We love learning new things. It began as infants learning about our bodies and the world around us, and it never quits. Embrace the unknown as an opportunity learn something new. When lessons are learned, nothing is a failure.

Living in fear is much like being frozen. We’re incapable of moving, doing, or saying what it is we want and yearn for. But life’s too short to be immobile. Fear can either conquer us, or drive us to learn, grow and, yes, succeed. Embrace your fear as a natural emotion. Use it as a motivator, and not as an excuse, and you’ll soon discover that the steps to your success are as easy to envision as success itself.


overcome your fear and find success

Edmond Otis is a motivator, communicator, and coach who serves clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the US. He draws on his career and life skills to come up with memorable conversation topics that speak to a variety of people. If you found his approach to achieving success interesting, consider Edmond for your next speaking event or purposeful group gathering.

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