Learn Effective Management Skills

Any leader will agree that good management skills are not easy to come by these days. Managers are expected to motivate their staff to work harder and more efficiently while maintaining harmony and peace in the workplace. It may sound easy, but there is nothing harder than to have the right management skills to be set a balance between efficient business operations, satisfied employees, and harmonious business culture—it takes practice to be able to achieve it.

The success of a team or an organization rests heavily on how cohesive they function to achieve a common goal. A team who cannot work together harmoniously will never get anything done and will never grow. Good management skills are necessary to instill this culture in the team. Any organization throughout Australia, New Zealand or the US that cannot practice the basics of teamwork will always fall short of success.

Below are some of the common mistakes in management skills that every leader must avoid:

  • Never bark orders at your staff, give clear instructions an expect them to follow like responsible workers. Always treat people with respect.
  • Do not highlight the negative in a person or the team. Give people leeway to make mistakes and learn from it; then move on and stop nagging them about their mistakes. Many leaders think this is actually qualified as a management skill—it is not.
  • Do not take things personally. Work is work so never think that people do things to personally offend you. You need to be more professional than that.
  • Do not be close-minded to the ideas of other people. Always be open to suggestions and new ways of approaching things.
  • Never miss out on communicating with your team. Communication is the foundation for the success of any undertaking, without it a team can go nowhere. This could be one of the most important management skills to master.

These tips are only the tip of the iceberg; to be able to successfully run a team you will need the help of an expert in management skills and team motivation.

Edmond Otis has over 40 years of expert and professional experience in martial arts training, psychotherapy, and people management. As an author, a university lecturer, and a motivational coach he holds seminars and speaking engagements  throughout the US, Australia and New Zealand, that focus on topics relevant to team leadership, career and personal development, conflict management, business solutions, goal setting, and unleashing a person’s inner passions and potentials.

His methods are very practical to any type of group, and his approach to coaching is of utmost professionalism. If you hope to bring your organization to greater heights then you need the expertise of someone who knows the ropes of leading people and training teams into working for a common goal.

Edmond Otis’ experiences include a career as a senior lecturer at New Zealand’s Eastern Institute of Technology. He is a frequent traveler across Australia, Europe, and North America as speaker in various seminars for different groups including companies, organizations, schools, and even churches.

Allow your team to reach their maximum potential. Edmond Otis will be able to unleash their inner passion for work and camaraderie. Contact his office now to schedule your initial consultation.

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