Be the Leader You Wish to Be

In the words of one of the best leaders who ever lived, “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” These were Bill Gates words during the years he was building Microsoft. It was his leadership that brought the company to such amazing heights, revolutionizing the computer industry and affecting millions of people worldwide. There is no doubt that without his leadership Microsoft and Windows would not have achieved what it has.

In the business setting, leaders and managers try hard to be the best they can be to lead their team. But things don’t always go as planned and running a team with good leadership abilities is not at all that easy. If you really think about it, no one is born with all the leadership skills to manage an entire business or team. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to take leadership and CEO lessons during the height of Facebook’s popularity because he knew he needed to learn the ropes. Though you may not be born with the capacity to lead, you can definitely learn how. Yes, everything can be learned.

Leadership in Australia

A successful organization will always attribute a great deal of its success to effective leadership. Having well-trained, passionate people at the helm of an organization will boost it to greatness. Being able to motivate a team/staff to perform at their best and unleash their potential is the best thing anyone can do to ensure success. To be able to motivate and coach a team effectively will draw the line between success and failure.

Everyone has their own potential deep within; each one has their own set of unique skills and abilities for leadership all it takes is for someone to be able to bring out the best in a person. And this is where a motivational coach will come in.

If you think you’re team, company, or organization needs motivation and coaching to unleash their passions and potentials, then you need the help of a professional motivational speaker and coaching consultant.

Edmond Otis brings with him 42 years of martial arts training, psychotherapist experience, and leadership knowledge. He is an author, a university professor, and a powerful motivational speaker specializing in motivating groups and teams on issues related to leadership, personal development, conflict management, problem solving, strategy setting, and unleashing your passions and potentials.

He is currently a senior lecturer at the Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand and travels frequently across Australia, Europe, and North America to hold seminars and various speaking engagements in different groups including companies, organizations, schools, and even churches.

Edmond Otis hopes to provide the motivation people need to set bigger and better life goals, make concrete action plans, communicate effectively, and just bring out the passion to be better in whatever field his audiences are in. His coaching sessions provide a great mix of seminars and hands-on group dynamics aimed at providing better opportunities for learning.

If your team or organization is in need of some professional motivation, then call Edmond Otis and schedule a consultation today. He provides support and services for clients in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

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