What to Expect from Business & Life Coaching in New Zealand & Australia

And how long-distance life coaching is helping people across the globe improve their lives

Many people who are on the fence about their need for a life coach get hung up on one thing – what exactly is a business or life coach, and what does one do for me?

There are many reasons why New Zealanders and Australians might seek out a life coach. In the end, it comes down to wanting to see a change in their life or business. People who hire a life coach have made a commitment to live their life to the fullest, both professionally and personally. And while a life coach in Australia may offer different services to people seeking business and professional coaching vs. personal and life coaching, the premise and foundation remain the same.

So, what can you expect from your business or life coach?

Life coaches help you to set goals and establish accountability for success, both in your personal and professional lives. This means helping you to clearly set your aspirations so that you can then create action plans to achieve these goals.

A life coach will help you to break old habits to create new results.

Is professional and life coaching like therapy?

No, this isn’t therapy. Life coaching can, in fact, complement therapy; however, therapy will delve into your past to explain certain behaviors, and identify pathology. With life coaching, the goal is to help you develop strategic actions so you can move forward and live life to the fullest.

What’s the goal of life coaching?

New Zealanders and Australians come to a life coach for a number of reasons, thus their goals may vary slightly. However, the most common goal experienced by New Zealanders is the ability to effect change and accomplish their personal goals. But that’s not all. As a result of this new-found control and mastery, people experience improved self-esteem, better work/life balance, and far less stress than ever before.

Clients who go through professional or personal coaching know what’s truly important in their lives, so they can focus on these components and worry less about the minutiae.

What’s long-distance life coaching?

It’s not like New Zealanders and Australians are the only ones who benefit from personal or professional coaching, which is why the innovative life coaches of today use phones, Skype, or other video messaging services to provide coaching to clients.

There are many benefits to this kind of coaching. Firstly, you can work through sessions from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you feel most comfortable. You can also be far more flexible with scheduling, which certainly provides far less stress for you.

Many people think there’s a level of disconnect when it comes to long-distance life coaching. However, what most clients realize is that they are far more comfortable to be open and honest through phone or video. Besides, in the end, the goal isn’t to have you rely on your life coach to succeed. The goal is to give you the tools necessary to succeed on your own. Through long-distance life coaching, you start off on the right foot.

New Zealand, Australia or Long Distance – Life Coaching May be Right for You

If you’re already considering a life coach for your personal or professional life, then chances are you can benefit from a coach. In fact, most if not all people would find some benefit from a life coach, as it’s helpful to gain the insight and expertise of someone who’s not so directly involved in the inner-workings of our minds.

Yet it’s important to realize that not every life coach is the right match for you, which is why before you commit to any coach, you should have a conversation with him or her. You want to find a match with someone you feel comfortable with, and who you think can help you meet your goals.  Like most of your life, you shouldn’t rush to a decision before settling on the perfect life coach for your needs.

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