Personal Performance Coaching

What do martial-arts and Personal Performance coaching have in common?

Well, when we look beyond the funny clothes, the rituals, and all the yelling, we see that the martial arts are about more than just fighting. They are about learning to master yourself so that you are truly capable of being your best, especially when you really need to do your best.

My personal and life performance services help you become the best version of you. My one-on-one and small-group coaching includes:

Personal Development Coaching for Inner Life & Self – Here we focus on your overall sense of self.  This includes the satisfaction you get from your profession, family, friends, and daily existence. For some, this means learning to balance life and work in a way that gives you the life that you actually want. For others, generating the spark of genius and courage you need to take your life or attitude in a whole new direction.

Personal Peak Performance Coaching – Drawing on my martial arts training, I focus a lot of attention on preparing my clients, and myself, for the moment of truth. In sports and business, they call it “crunch time” — the subtle and valuable art of being able to do your best when you really need to be your best.

Whether in sports, business, the arts, or life, this capacity is what separates pros from amateurs and winners from losers. In many ways, this ability lies at the heart of the martial arts, the world of business, and ultimately, the art of living a fulfilling life.

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