I understand how our individual “personal psychology” directly impacts our success, our performance, our relationships and our health and use this knowledge to enable clients to achieve their desired outcomes. My ability to connect, combined with a diverse career, training and personal experience provide my clients with direct access to a wide range of unrivaled strategies and cutting edge motivational tools. Find out more here


My talks and workshops combine modern psychology, cutting edge research, personal experience, the bleeding obvious, and classic martial arts strategies to life’s most challenging personal and professional challenges. I show clients that being fearless in the truest sense;  focusing clearly on the goal, strategising effectively, acting decisively, and communicating persuasively – is the most direct way to get results – when results matter most. Find out more here


“What we do is way more important than what we feel. Fundamentally, the only way to get anywhere is to get up and go!”

I’ve helped people from all backgrounds achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and create more satisfying professional and personal lives. I build on your own levels of motivation and creativity to find tools which are effective in helping you achieve your goals, creating the life and career you want. Find out more here